We lost our English Mastiff, Bernie, January 2016.  BERNIE was more than a dog for my husband and me.   We were married in June 2005. In October of the same year I was told that I could not.have children and they decided to do a full hysterectomy.  Of course, we were devastated. They told me I could go off birth control since I didn't need it now.  We decided to wait until the first of January 2006 to do the procedure. We then decided to get Bernie to try to fill the void.  

Did he ever!  I've had dogs my entire life but never before have I been so lucky to be loved by one as special as Bernie.  Well, we believe he was our lucky charm because the day of my procedure they did pre-op blood work and.believe it or not I was pregnant!  

He was truly a gentle giant who loved us tremendously. He started having really bad hip problems due to being so large (250 lbs) and reached a point where he could not get up without assistance. He was in pain.  I could not.continue lifting him.  We had to made that difficult decision to put him down.  We were fortunate to have a mobile vet so he could stay home with us on his final day. I still miss him everyday but am very grateful to have been able to know him.