This page is inspired by and dedicated to the loving memory of Dusty. 
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We lost our English Mastiff, Bernie, January 2016. BERNIE was more than a dog for my husband and me.  He was truly a gentle giant who loved us tremendously. He started.having really bad hip problems due to being so large (250 lbs) and reached a point where he could not get up without assistance. He was in pain. Bernie belongs to Telly Flynn and her husband.  Read more...
We lost our greyhound last summer.  His name is Luke and he was 13 years old.  We rescued him at 8 years old; spry and fun even for a senior.  Luke was an awesome member of our family and dearly missed.  

Our beloved Sammy Boy was taken from us after a very short 11 years together.  We knew that someday the time would come to say goodbye to our boy, but his illness crept up on us without warning.  One day he was fine...then the next he was diagnosed with liver cancer.  His loving eyes reached out to us at the end.  Straining to lift his head for one last look at his mommy and daddy.  We kissed and caressed him and said our goodbyes through oceans of tears and thanked him for all the years of love and happiness and loyalty that he lavished on us.  Then he peacefully went to sleep. Judith Marcucci - 2nd Hand Rose Boutique

This is Teddy, one of Paula Keriazas' foster kitties.  Even though Teddy was a foster he became a permanent member of Paula's family.  He fit right in with BK and Paula's other fosters.  Unfortunately he came down with FIP and and passed away in October 2010. 

 Dusty 2

Dusty was just 7 years old.   He had the most beautiful blue eyes and was a very sweet and loving kitty.  He fought a long battle with cancer and chemo therapy. Unfortunately he was no longer able to fight and on March 6th, 2009 he went home to meet his maker.  Sharon & Richard, his human parents, will miss him dearly. 



Lance was one of Paula's greatest fosters. He had a very tough life - he was sick a lot and spent years being treated at various vets.  When he came to stay with Paula, his personality really started to shine.  We'll always remember Lance, and the life lessons he taught us:  Don't take life for granted. Give freely and with joy.  Stay strong and fight adversity, and most importantly, have fun and live to eat!



Mozart was my dear sweet baby.  I adopted him from the Sevierville SPCA when he was just 2 weeks old.  Of course I could not bring him home until he was 6 weeks old so I visited him everyday until the day came to take him home.  He was my stress reliever and Gandhi's best buddy.  I lost him on September 27th, 2007 at the age of 12 to an irreversible stroke and cancer. 

Gandhi was our sweet baby.  He developed lung cancer in his 13th year.  He & Mozart were inseperable until Mozart's passing.  He seemed to really take to Leo, our new addition and the two of them often slept together.  Gandhi passed on September 12th, 2008.  He & Mozart were very special to us and words cannot express how much they are missed. 





If you have a very special pet that you have lost and would like to have remembered here, please send a photo and brief description and story to [email protected].